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STOOS – Inauguration of the world’s steepest funicular


Another world first has been inaugurated in Stoos (Switzerland) on 17 December 2017. In the longest part of the ride, the modern funicular with its futuristic design has to master an inclination of 110 percent and thus is the steepest of its kind. Through the broad panoramic glasses, the passengers can see the extreme angle, but they don’t feel it. The moveable four cylindrical passenger cabins automatically compensate the varying inclinations.

The cabins have been laid out generously. Panoramic glazing offers a breathtaking view of the beautiful surrounding nature. Extra-large doors allow a smooth entrance and exit. Numerous spots illuminate the interior space during the long tunnel runs. For passengers’ safety each compartment has been equipped with a roof hatch and a surveillance camera. The funicular can be operated with or without a driver.

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